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Self-employed loan without creditworthiness

The credit rating is not particularly high for customers who earn their money in an independent way. After all, you do not get a fixed income and no one can say exactly how self-employment develops over time. If it develops well, you can certainly live on it well. If, on the other hand, it is slow to develop, revenues are low. In the worst case, it can even happen that you have to give up your self-employment completely and leave with debt.

The banks know this very well and are therefore very hesitant in the award of a loan for self-employed without credit rating. They scrutinize very closely and demand high collateral to be able to grant such a loan. And often it happens that the loan application is completely rejected. And not just from a bank, but from many banks. If you do not give up here and look a little bit harder, you will find off the big banks one or the other offer for a loan for self-employed without credit rating. Whether these offers are ultimately worthwhile, then must be decided individually.

Private financiers can help

Private financiers can help

Especially private lenders are able to provide the loan for self-employed without credit rating. They are less interested in credit ratings, but rather look at how they can invest in the borrower’s business. As a silent partner, they are involved in the sales and can thus profit in two senses. In addition, the borrower can use the private investor to develop individual repayment models. And also the interest rates are negotiable. However, one has to come to terms with the fact that the interest rates will be higher than with a conventional installment loan through the bank. Because the risk for the private investor is quite high. And he lets himself pay well.

The co-applicant

The co-applicant

Also, a co-applicant can provide a loan for self-employed without credit rating. However, it must be very carefully considered who to use. The co-applicant is liable with all his assets for the loan. If the loan is for the company, then at worst this can be a big problem.

However, if the loan is for the private sector, then it is advisable that the borrower comes from their own family. Maybe this alone can take the credit. This is especially good for spouses. Thus, the credit does not come into contact with the company and the self-employed in case of financial difficulties avoids far-reaching consequences that could affect the company.

A loan from abroad?

A loan from abroad?

A loan for self-employed without credit is unfortunately not available abroad. Even if this is suggested. Abroad, only those borrowers who have a permanent job with a fixed income receive a loan. And this is missing from the self-employed. Therefore, you should not take this path only because he would not lead to the desired destination in the end. The foreign credit would only work if the co-applicant would take out the loan on its own. However, the co-applicant must be able to produce a corresponding income.

In addition, a foreign loan is always just a small loan with a maximum of 5,000 euros. If the loan for self-employed without credit rating for the company to be used, it may well be that it is not enough. Because with such small sums you can accomplish in a company, which is firmly established on the market, usually very little.



Companies can benefit from many promotional offers. Anyone who inquires here can sometimes get a good loan on very good terms. If you invest in the future and do “good” for the environment or for your employees, it may even be that you only have to repay a part of the subsidy or the special loan. Especially the Intrasavings Bank is strongly represented in this area and offers interesting offers, which also work, if the credit rating is not quite so optimal.


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